Do you possess Amazon Fire TV Stick? Then, here is an extra benefit for you. Yup! Comcast Xfinity can now be streamed on your Amazon Fire TV stick. With the advent of watching online streaming content on your smart TV, you can add many channels to your Channel list.

Newly, Comcast announced that it gonna add Amazon Prime Video to the online content present through its Xfinity service. Especially, you can use Comcast Xfinity Stream App on Amazon Fire TV Stick though you cannot view xfinity tv on fire tv.

Due to the emerging technology, our Televisions are moving towards live shows streaming using the internet. But it seems that the future of television will again come back to old familiar cable communications type. Comcast Xfinity is one of the examples.


To add Comcast Xfinity Stream App on Amazon Fire TV Stick

• Before we begin, ensure that you have a high-speed Internet connection, mobile phone, Xfinity subscription, and Amazon Fire Stick.

• Visit the app store from your mobile and search for Xfinity stream app by typing in the name of the app. 

• Once you found the Xfinity stream app, click the download button. 

• Once the app gets downloaded, open the app and enter the credentials if you have Xfinity subscription. If not, then you should contact your service provider. 


• You have to register the device with your account if you are a first time user. Once you logged in to the app, register the name of your Amazon Fire Stick which you are going to use. 

• Now, accept the terms and criteria and follow the instructions displayed on your TV That’s it. If you need further information, ring us and we will offer you 24/7 support with the help of our tech experts.

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