Are you using an Amazon Fire Stick or Amazon Fire TV? Then, it is an added advantage that you can stop Amazon from spying on you or seizing your data.

Yes! As all of us know if we watch or search for some content in the internet using any of our Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon, we will get the advertisements related to the contents we searched or watched in our device. Most of the companies provide this kind of advertisements and they justify them as “these are suggestions for your needs”.


But unlike some people who prefer easy search if you give importance to your privacy, then you have to follow the two rule while using Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire Stick. Once you connect your TV and the Amazon Fire Stick, go to settings and click Preferences.

Now, you can select the privacy setting option from the list of options. Just turn off these two to avoid using your personal data. On the other hand, again go back to preferences and now click Data monitoring to stop monitoring the consumed data of you.

In addition, if you need more clarifications to stop Amazon from Spying on you, contact us and get immediate replies!

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